Moodle Course Format

Does your Moodle course looks different since the update?

Moodle pages that used to display the Onetopic course format have temporarily reverted to displaying all resources in a long list. Until Onetopic format is reinstated, you can display your page/s using Collapsed* or grid format if you prefer. They have a clean, more modern appearance and load up onto the page faster. To do this go to:

  • Administration
  • Edit Settings
  • Course format
  • Format

Remember to check the Number of sections is correct and set Elements to no additions if using collapsed format.

NB some sections may show as “orphaned” in which case,  you need to increase the Number of sections in Administration/Edit Settings.

*To see an example of a collapsed topic page, click here

Turnitin Feedback Studio

Turnitin is getting a new look this summer : Feedback Studio will become the default service on 1st August 2017.

Learn more about Feedback Studio:

  1. See Feedback Studio in action.
  2. Review a Success Kit with materials to help with your transition (includes integrations information). We’ve just added new resources to the Instructor Guides to help your instructors quickly master the new interface.
  3. Watch this video comparison between Feedback Studio and Turnitin Classic.
  4. Sign up for a demo.


Take short videos to display to your learners on Moodle      Nexus 13837413373_52c4cb44b7_m

Just go to the library and ask to borrow the Nexus tablet and tripod. It comes with a clear guide on how to take videos and upload them straight to your Kaltura account from the Nexus (all staff have a Kaltura account attached to their login).

You then go to your Moodle page and using the Kaltura Video Resource option, make a link to your uploaded videos in Kaltura.

Promonitor SMART Targets

  SMART Targets                                             promonitor

Have you checked the SMART targets you set for your learners? Don’t forget to set as reviewed and update the date, or set as achieved. A really quick way to check and edit your students’ Smart Targets is as follows:

  • Open your Student Group in ProMonitor.
  • Click SMART Targets Calendar from the left-hand menu.
  • The date you set by which Smart Targets are to be reviewed should show your student names in that date slot.
  • Click the actual date in the calendar (not the names) and you will see all the Smart Targets for each student.Click Set Achieved if that is now the status for each student, or click Edit and select the appropriate status from the drop-down list.

student-group                             achieved

Don’t forget – if you choose reviewed, you need to set a new Review Date


Derby College has a video and media sharing space called Kaltura.                               Kaltura

This is accessible from the staff portal.

  • upload videos to your Kaltura storage area
  • organise videos into channels
  • allow others to add to channels and view videos
  • link to Kaltura videos from Moodle.
  • record from your camera, phone or a webcam into Kaltura
  • use Kaltura to record and capture screen recordings.
  • upload videos to Kaltura instead of Youtube to avoid seeing inappropriate comments and videos
  • easily create interactive quizzes with your videos

Lecturers are already using Kaltura to create links on their Moodle pages for learners to upload video evidence from their mobiles, mobile devices, cameras or computers.

This is also great for Blended and Flipped Learning or Distance Learning and will engage learners using a current format.

Promonitor Target Grades



If you haven’t already set your learners’ Target Grades, here’s how:

  • Open the student group you want to set targets for.

  • Click Target Setting.

  • Enter the grades into the first 2 columns (must match the grades at the bottom – click the i).

    target-setting                                   i

NB You may find that some learners (usually level 3s) already have Initial Target Grades imported as a result of achievements on entry during enrolment.

Progress Logs



If you need to fill out your Progress Logs for Star Week before half term,  these quick videos might help:

 Attaching yourself to your student groups:

Completing Progress Logs:

NB If these videos won’t play, copy the web addresses in blue above and paste them into the address bar of Internet Explorer ie or Chrome  chrome browsers.