Moodle Gradebook

The Gradebook allows teachers to manage grades for Moodle activities, such as assignments and quizzes in a course.

The Gradebook collects items that have been graded from various assessed activities in Moodle and allows you to view and change them.

When you add an assessed activity to a Moodle course, the Gradebook automatically creates space for the grades it will produce and then adds the grades as they are generated, either by the system (e.g. quizzes) or by you (e.g. assignments).

Moodle is the student portal and the course management system we use at Derby College to support learning, teaching, assessment and feedback. Moodle provides a safe place for students to access important information, course materials, upload work, gain feedback, view grades, participate in a wide variety of online learning activities and communicate with their tutors. More>>

Moodle & Planet eStream

Planet eStream is the Derby College video platform. It is a video sharing platform and also records TV and radio broadcasts.

Planet eStream is available internally and externally and from a variety of mobile devices.

Planet eStream is also integrated in Moodle and you can for example embed videos from Planet eStream in a Moodle page or also use it for video assessment.

PeS tablet

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Moodle for Assessment

Moodle offers many different styles of assessment.
Moodle assignments, Turnitin assignments and quizzes are the main ones.
After a submission, Teachers can leave a grade and some feedback.
Quizzes are graded automatically.
All the grades for each student can be found in the course gradebook.

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Remember that Moodle is safe, secure and
that we keep archives of  previous academic years.

Planet eStream

Planet eStream has replaced ClickView and Kaltura

As delivery staff you have access to thousands of recordings in Planet eStream and the opportunity to schedule and record TV and Radio programmes (including those from the previous 7 days).

You can find the link to Planet eStream on the Staff menu of Moodle and on the Staff Portal:

If you can’t find the recording you are looking for, please contact ILT as there is a further ‘community’ database of recordings and BBC Archives which we can search for you.

ILT can show you how to make a link to your programmes and recordings on Moodle.

Moodle – Reset Your Page

You probably will need to reset your Moodle course to remove old student data and enrolments, and then modify the content of your course to reflect any changes in curriculum.

Please note: If you run a course that stretches over 2 years or more, then you probably shouldn’t reset your course. If you are unsure about what to do, please contact me before resetting your course.

Resetting your course will unenrol all existing students and remove all the student data from your course ( e.g. forum posts), but will leave the resources and activities in place for your new cohort to use.

To reset your course, do the following:

  1. Go into the course you wish to reset.
  2. In the ‘Administration Block’, under ‘Course Administration’ heading, click on “Reset”.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Select default” button. ( if you are unsure about the settings or if you have any queries about the default, please contact ILT)
  4. Scroll to the bottom again and click the “Reset course” button to start the reset process.
  5. Click “Continue” to return to your course home page.

Your Moodle course has now been reset.


OneDriveDo you currently save work to your P drive, desktop or USB stick?

Do you have these problems?

  • Your P drive is full
  • Your work is on USB sticks which break
  • Work is only saved on a specific computer

OneDrive backs up files online so you avoid these issues.

Tidy your files and save to OneDrive instead.

OneDrive allows you to:

  • Copy and save work into your online file storage area.
  • Work on your files in the online browser or using the full version that you already use.
  • Changes to work save automatically.
  • Access files online from anywhere.
  • Create new files using the many Microsoft features you already use, and more besides.
  • Share specified files with colleagues on a view only or edit basis.
  • Access others’ files in the Shared With Me area.

Moodle Course Format

Does your Moodle course looks different since the update?

Moodle pages that used to display the Onetopic course format have temporarily reverted to displaying all resources in a long list. Until Onetopic format is reinstated, you can display your page/s using Collapsed* or grid format if you prefer. They have a clean, more modern appearance and load up onto the page faster. To do this go to:

  • Administration
  • Edit Settings
  • Course format
  • Format

Remember to check the Number of sections is correct and set Elements to no additions if using collapsed format.

NB some sections may show as “orphaned” in which case,  you need to increase the Number of sections in Administration/Edit Settings.

*To see an example of a collapsed topic page, click here