Moodle Office 365/OneDrive Repository

This is available from the Moodle File Picker

Upload files directly into OneDrive from within Moodle.



Import files directly into Moodle from OneDrive.                                   





Link to files in OneDrive so users always get the most up-to-date version.   


Document added/linked to Moodle from Office 365 can be edited in OneDrive and the changes are pushed to the Moodle Course.
For this you need to select ‘create an alias/shortcut to the file’.


Safer Internet Day

To promote Safer Internet Day for all our staff and students we are promoting the theme ‘Together for a better internet’ on Moodle and throughout our libraries. There will be a link to a short (10 question)  quiz on Moodle which is good for both individual student use and for promoting class or wider discussion. I have attached the link below and a PDF of the questions and answers to this email if needed.

Please can you promote the day with your students. If you have the opportunity there are also further resources and Social media links below which I would recommend.

Top Tips:

Education Packs:

Social Media:

Moodle app

Have you told your students about the Moodle app? It’s free and allows them to access their course materials on the go. When the student opens the app they need to enter the URL

Moodle Enrolment Keys

Its soon time to enrol your students onto your Moodle pages! Here’s a reminder of where to look up the enrolment key for your page. Now that Moodle has been updated, the administration area looks slightly different.

  • Click the cogs to the left of the green button at the top
  • Click Enrolment methods on the right-hand side
  • Then the cog to the right of Self-enrolment (Student)
  • Click the eye icon to the right of Enrolment key to reveal the enrolment key

Moodle For Assessments

Moodle offers many different styles of assessment.
Moodle assignments, Turnitin assignments and quizzes are the main ones.
After a submission, Teachers can leave a grade and some feedback.
Quizzes are graded automatically.
All the grades for each student can be found in the course gradebook.

To find out more about these please click here

Remember that Moodle is safe, secure and
that we keep archives of  previous academic years.


Moodle Quiz

Test your learners’ knowledge using the quiz feature!

Easily assess learners’ formative and/or summative knowledge using questions with specified answers?

Moodle’s powerful quiz feature enables to do this by designing and building quizzes with a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer and drag and drop images and text.

Moodle quizzes can be time-limited and configured to allow multiple or single attempts. Each attempt at a question can be automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback and/or show the correct answer.

They can then be reused by you in a later quiz or by your colleague in the same course in a different quiz.