STAR week

STAR week starts today.                                  STAR week

If you are a teacher, these are the things you need to have done in Promonitor by 6th November. In each case there is a quick video guide or handout on how to do it:

  • Attach yourself to your Student groups in Promonitor, if you haven’t done so already.  here is a quick video

(p.s. please don’t attach other teachers to your student groups unless they actually teach the group as well because this could affect their scorecards detrimentally)

  •  Complete Progress Logs for your Student Groups. To see a quick video, click here and to see how to use the ‘Quickview’ method of completing Progress Logs, click here
  • Review the SMART Targets you have set or agreed with your students, and especially where the review dates for the targets are now due, make sure the status of the targets does not remain as ‘To Be Reviewed’. click here
  • Make sure all your students have initial target grades. How to check

For more online guidance on setting SMART targets and other Promonitor functions, visit this page on Moodle: Promonitor – Guidance and Tutorials


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