Moodle – what our students think

Moodle“It’s really useful! “

“ I like Moodle. The website is easy to navigate and I can find out more about my courses in a click of a finger. .…Moodle keeps me up to date with events and news at different centres and advertises work experience and seasonal jobs. Being able to have my own student email is essential, this gives me the opportunity to speak with my tutors in a professional manner. Overall, I think Moodle is perfect for students.”

“Moodle is really useful for the students because it gives all the information student required about the course “

“So much better!”

“Moodle is brilliant, I have been able to access information needed for my course and have been able to print out worksheets when needed. Fantastic “

“I find Moodle really helpful and useful, …my maths teacher set us some work to do through Moodle.”

“I really like it, I think it is very helpful for my studies and there is plenty of information on it. I use it on a daily basis for maths checking work and studying subjects within maths. I also log on most days to check my emails.”

Let’s Moodle!


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