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Some great ideas on how to use Moodle to effectively support learning, teaching and assessment.

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Moodle For Assessments

Moodle offers many different styles of assessment.
Moodle assignments, Turnitin assignments and quizzes are the main ones.
After a submission, Teachers can leave a grade and some feedback.
Quizzes are graded automatically.
All the grades for each student can be found in the course gradebook.

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Remember that Moodle is safe, secure and
that we keep archives of  previous academic years.


Moodle Quiz

Test your learners’ knowledge using the quiz feature!

Easily assess learners’ formative and/or summative knowledge using questions with specified answers?

Moodle’s powerful quiz feature enables to do this by designing and building quizzes with a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer and drag and drop images and text.

Moodle quizzes can be time-limited and configured to allow multiple or single attempts. Each attempt at a question can be automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback and/or show the correct answer.

They can then be reused by you in a later quiz or by your colleague in the same course in a different quiz.

Moodle Choice

Give your students the opportunity to vote in their Moodle courses with the CHOICE activity.

Would you like to see how your students are progressing?
Or to gauge their opinions and needs?
You can at a glance with the choice activity!

The choice activity enables teachers to set up voting options with a radio/option button. A student can then choose a particular option.

The feature can be used in multiple ways; from facilitating student decision making, to testing a student’s understanding of a subject, or to take a poll to get students thinking.

How do you add a choice to your Moodle site?

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Moodle Feedback Questionnaire


It is important to allow your students to provide feedback at the end of a module or/and at the end of the course.

The Questionnaire activity in Moodle allows you to easily create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from students.

With the Moodle questionnaire, you can create questionnaire template that you can reuse in several modules or courses.