Promonitor Target Grades



If you haven’t already set your learners’ Target Grades, here’s how:

  • Open the student group you want to set targets for.

  • Click Target Setting.

  • Enter the grades into the first 2 columns (must match the grades at the bottom – click the i).

    target-setting                                   i

NB You may find that some learners (usually level 3s) already have Initial Target Grades imported as a result of achievements on entry during enrolment.


Progress Logs



If you need to fill out your Progress Logs for Star Week before half term,  these quick videos might help:

 Attaching yourself to your student groups:

Completing Progress Logs:

NB If these videos won’t play, copy the web addresses in blue above and paste them into the address bar of Internet Explorer ie or Chrome  chrome browsers.

Promonitor Reminder


I know it’s a busy time but remember to:

  •  Add yourself to your student groups – click the yellow banner at the top of the student group (this makes that group a shortcut from your homepage).
  • Markbook Structure – it’s very important to check the units you teach and feed back any alterations to me asap.
  • Assessment Schedule – you need to input your dates. It’s important to input any changes too when you know about them.
  • Target Setting – the Initial and Aspirational Target Grades go here.
  • Students in the wrong student groups? – Lecturers and ILT can’t change these. Contact Learner Records to make the changes in EBS (this will change in Promonitor the following day).

If you need a reminder on Promonitor or help with anything please drop me a line:


Moodle Book


Does your page have lots of information that you want learners to read?  

  • Display information in “chapters” within a book
  • Your page will look neater and more professional
  • Reduce scrolling
  • Improve Moodle’s response time

Click this link then FAQ to see Book in action


Do you want an easy quiz tool to engage your learners?                                 Kahoot

Kahoot is fun and allows learners to use their own devices in a positive way.

Like the sound of this?  Ask your ILT  contact to run a quiz to show you how it works.


 You can use Turnitin via a link on your Moodle page.                                  Turnitin

Learners can upload their assignments to the link and view originality (plagiarism) reports.

You can:

  • View originality (plagiarism) reports.
  • Use a spell check and grammar tool.
  • Leave comments from groups of pre-existing comments and create new comments.
  • Leave a grade and a voice comment.

The originality report and grades are viewable on your Moodle page. You and the learner can click on the work to view the marked work in full.



Moodle Lesson

Insert content pages of information, links, pictures and short videos.           lesson

  • Follow content pages with quiz questions within the lesson.
  • Guide learners’ activity; wrong answers return the learner to a previous page to re-read and re-attempt the exercise.
  • Quiz questions within Lesson act like Moodle Quiz – they’re self-marking and can be saved as a spreadsheet.
  • Make this a Blended Learning activity – set it as homework or for Distance Learning then use class time to discuss the lesson.