SMART Targets

Have you checked the SMART targets you set for your learners? Don’t forget to set as reviewed and update the date, or set as achieved. A really quick way to check and edit your students’ Smart Targets is as follows:

  • Open your Student Group in ProMonitor.
  • Click SMART Targets Calendar from the left-hand menu.
  • The date you set by which Smart Targets are to be reviewed should show your student names in that date slot.
  • Click the actual date in the calendar (not the names) and you will see all the Smart Targets for each student.Click Set Achieved if that is now the status for each student, or click Edit and select the appropriate status from the drop-down list.

student-group                             achieved

Don’t forget – if you choose reviewed, you need to set a new Review Date


Progress Logs                                                        

If you need to fill out your Progress Logs for Star Week before half term,  these quick videos might help:

 Attaching yourself to your student groups:

Completing Progress Logs:

NB If these videos won’t play, copy the web addresses in blue above and paste them into the address bar of Internet Explorer ie or Chrome  chrome browsers.


I know it’s a busy time but remember to:

  •  Add yourself to your student groups – click the yellow banner at the top of the student group (this makes that group a shortcut from your homepage).
  • Markbook Structure – it’s very important to check the units you teach and feed back any alterations to me asap.
  • Assessment Schedule – you need to input your dates. It’s important to input any changes too when you know about them.
  • Target Setting – the Initial and Aspirational Target Grades go here.
  • Students in the wrong student groups? – Lecturers and ILT can’t change these. Contact Learner Records to make the changes in EBS (this will change in Promonitor the following day).

If you need a reminder on Promonitor or help with anything please drop me a line:

STAR week starts today.                                  STAR week

If you are a teacher, these are the things you need to have done in Promonitor by 6th November. In each case there is a quick video guide or handout on how to do it:

  • Attach yourself to your Student groups in Promonitor, if you haven’t done so already.  here is a quick video

(p.s. please don’t attach other teachers to your student groups unless they actually teach the group as well because this could affect their scorecards detrimentally)

  •  Complete Progress Logs for your Student Groups. To see a quick video, click here and to see how to use the ‘Quickview’ method of completing Progress Logs, click here
  • Review the SMART Targets you have set or agreed with your students, and especially where the review dates for the targets are now due, make sure the status of the targets does not remain as ‘To Be Reviewed’. click here
  • Make sure all your students have initial target grades. How to check

For more online guidance on setting SMART targets and other Promonitor functions, visit this page on Moodle: Promonitor – Guidance and Tutorials


Target Setting

If you haven’t already set your learners’ Target Grades, here’s how:

  • Open the student group you want to set targets for.

  • Click Target Setting.

  • Enter the grades into the first 2 columns (must match the grades at the bottom – click the i).

    target-setting                                   i

NB You may find that some learners (usually level 3s) already have Initial Target Grades imported as a result of achievements on entry during enrolment.


  • I’m currently working on the Markbook Structures to make them ready for you to use.
  • If your Markbook appears blank or incorrect in any way, please feel free to contact me.
  • It is vital that you respond to my queries about your Markbook as I won’t be able to complete the Markbook without the missing information.

Please check out your Markbook Structure as follows:

Markbook Structure

  • In Student Group click Markbook Structure in the left-hand menu.
  • Click Expand All to see all the assessments
  • Click into the right-hand boxes to tick the units and assessments that should appear in your Markbook
  • Click Save

Markbook Structure Checks

  • Are the correct units in the Markbook Structure ticked?
  • Do your units add up to the correct amount of credits?
  • Are the assessments there with the correct grading criteria next to them?
  • Is the Student Group Type correct? If not can you click the top LHS link and choose one?
  • Do learners’ Initial Target Grades (in Target Settings) match the Overall Marking Scheme format? (Tick the i to reveal.)
  • Do all learners have an Initial Target Grade? Are they correct?